Our Curriculum for Each Year Group

Below you can find documents outlining our curriculum for each year group.  These documents are revised as the year progresses and the curriculum developed and adapted.  The documents also give some information about how are curriculum is taught and the philosophy behind it.

You can also find links to the revised National Curriculum, the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education which form the basis of our planning.

Reading Schemes and Phonic Schemes in Key Stage One
We use a range of resources to teach reading and phonics in St Matthew's.
The reading scheme books that are most frequently used are those in the Oxford Reading Tree.
Our phonics are taught following the Letters and Sounds scheme.  We are also introducing the "Phonics Fairy" resources into Key Stage One lessons.
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Further Information
If you are a parent and would like to receive more information about our curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher.
For other enquiries about our curriculum, please contact the school office who will put you in touch with the relevant member of staff.