Sex and Relationship Education at St Matthew's

Our Sex and Relationship Education is an essential part of our curriculum at St Matthew's.  
In our school we believe that:
  • SRE is lifelong learning about ourselves including our emotions, self-esteem, relationships, rights and responsibilities, sexual behaviour, sexuality and sexual health. It takes place in many contexts: at home, at school and in the community.
  • SRE is an entitlement for all young people. Difference and diversity must be taken into account when delivering SRE. Special educational needs or disability, gender, sexual orientation and age, nationality, religion, cultural and linguistic background, all affect access to SRE.
  • SRE is most effective when provided in the wider context of social and emotional development. In schools, successful SRE is firmly rooted in personal, social and health education (PSHE).
  • SRE must enable young people to gain information, develop and transfer skills and explore attitudes and values, in order to support informed decision-making.
Below you can find our SRE policy that gives more information and outlines what is taught in each year group.  You can also find an information leaflet produced by the Department for Education about Sex and Relationship Education.