Aims of Our Curriculum

On these pages you can find out about our curriculum for the children of the school.  This is not just about the teaching and learning that goes on in our classrooms - it is about all the learning that our children experience by being part of our school community.  Below you can read our "Statement of Intention" - what we want our curriculum to achieve for the children of the school.

Our Curriculum "Statement of Intent"

We want our curriculum to prepare children for the future so that they may lead happy, positive and fulfilling lives.

We want the children to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to make and take opportunities in life.  This is in terms of academic excellence and by developing the healthy lifestyle, attitudes, dispositions, values and ways of thinking that will promote their sense of well-being, happiness and fulfilment.

We want the children to have a wide range of experiences to enable them to discover and develop their individual interests, a sense of who they are and what they want to be.

We want the children to be creative, imaginative, playful, inventive and resourceful.

We want the children to be motivated, engaged and enthusiastic about their learning, and take this enthusiasm forward into everything that they do.  This will enable them to be curious, life-long learners.

We want children to be confident to take risks, to be resilient to learn from mistakes, to know how to keep themselves safe and well and to know how to get help and support when they need it.

We want the children to be critical thinkers, to question what they are told and come to their own conclusions. 

We want the children to know their rights and responsibilities - in school, in our community and in wider society.

We want the children to learn the skills to develop strong, positive relationships and friendships.

We want the children to be able to communicate effectively and articulately, so they can be heard and so they can listen with empathy and understanding.

We want the children to be open minded and culturally aware.  We want them to understand that people are different, including having different families, relationships, beliefs, views and opinions.  We want them to embrace, respect and celebrate this diversity.

We want children to hold values that support all of the above, to reflect on these values and act accordingly.