Our PTA now has its own, dedicated website...

About the PTA

What is a Parent & Teacher Association (PTA)?

The PTA is an organisation that you, as parents/guardians, automatically become members of once your child has started at the primary school. You will be pleased to hear that there is no joining fee, and how involved you become within the organisation is up to you.

Why have a PTA?

The main aim of the PTA is to help support the school. It can achieve this in a variety of ways:

It can help parents to…

  • improve the school
  • get to know each other – whilst taking part in a range of activities
  • find out more about how the school works
  • fundraise for extra items or services to enrich the children’s education

It can help children to…

  • receive a richer education as a result of items bought by the PTA
  • take part in a variety of social and educational activities that wouldn’t have otherwise been available

It can help teachers to…

  • reach potential volunteers and enthusiasts who may help with school projects