Parents' and Carers' Survey 2015

25th June 2015
Today we are pleased to launch our 2015 Survey for Parents and Carers.
The survey is very quick and you can find it by visiting:
We are coming to the end of our current School Development Plan which has run from 2012 to 2015. We want you to help us write our next one.

The School Development Plan is very important. It drives so much of the work we do to improve St. Matthew's.

OFSTED have praised our plans very highly, saying that they have contributed so much to becoming an "outstanding" school. We are determined to be even better.

Our last plan focused on the following key targets:
1. Raising the proportion of our teaching that is “outstanding”
2. Developing our ICT, Music and Art curricula
3. Introducing the new National Curriculum from 2014
4. Responding to new national statutory assessments
5. Developing our partnership work to improve outcomes for children and families
6. Developing Leadership and Management Structures for our growing school
7. Premises Development – Phase Two

You can see a copy of the Executive Summary of our last school development plan on our website by clicking here. 

Inevitably a great deal of the work in our last plan focused on changes brought in by the government in relation to the new National Curriculum, alongside our continued growth as a school. Now once again it is time to look to the future.

Answering the questions in the survey will tell us what you think about the school and what you want us to focus on to improve the school further.

I hope you are able to find a few minutes to complete the survey.

Tony Davies
Head Teacher