Open Classrooms

5th October 2015
Next Tuesday 13th October we are planning to have an "Open Classrooms" Event. 
The event will run from 8:30am to 9:00am.  While the event is on your children can come with you to show you round the school or they can play in the playground where they will be supervised by staff.  At 9:00 the whistle will blow in the playground and children will line up as normal to begin the school day. 
"Open Classrooms" will give parents and carers a chance to come into the school, look around their child’s classroom and have a look at their child's work so far.  They will also be able to meet their child's class teacher, (though this is not a time for an in depth discussion of how a child is doing.  We do have parent consultations coming up just after half term, or parents can arrange an earlier meeting if they need to talk urgently).
We hope that lots of parents are able to join us.