Welcome to Reception

What happens in Reception at St Matthews School?
•Our Reception children learn through  play, accessing the different curriculum areas both independently (we call this 'busy learning'), and in small guided groups. Throughout the day, there  also carpet time sessions during which the children enjoy learning with their teacher.
•The curriculum has been developed to include is a carefully planned balance of child- initiated and adult led activities which develop both a love of learning and exploring, both inside and outside.
•The children free flow between their classrooms and outside and our garden area has been developed as on outdoor classroom.
•We develop, support  and encourage our children to be resilient, independent and self- confident learners who are curious and motivated to explore the world.
•Well being is at the heart of our curriculum and we help the children to be kind to those around them, supporting them in developing positive relationships and friendships throughout the year.
•The children in Reception are very much a part of the wider school attending assemblies and  eating lunch in the hall with the other children.
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