"Our Cambridge" International Week

11th February 2016

Last week was ‘Our Cambridge’ week at St Matthew’s. It was a busy week with lots going on for all year groups, to celebrate the diverse wealth of nationalities and cultures both at St Matthew’s and in Cambridge. There were visits to museums, King’s College, the local mosque and an exploration of the different cultures that make up Mill Road. Children have also had the opportunity to find out about different aspects of Cambridge through visits to the Learning Bus where they have been involved in hands-on activities.

We were also visited by Year 7 and 8 pupils from Parkside who bought both Japanese and South American drumming to St Matthew’s in a very exciting workshop for the Year 6 children, who then performed for the rest of the school. Well done to everyone involved and a big thank you to the Parkside students and Joe Crane and his staff for such enthusiastic performances!

We also enjoyed Friday Feast to celebrate the end of the week. Thank you so much to all of the parents and carers who contributed food and treats from around the world for children to try. As well as local food, we also had food from France, Poland, China, Japan, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, India and America to name but a few.

Thank you for the amazing response and to all the parents who contributed their time and efforts to come in to school to talk to the children, sing songs with them and take the time to talk about their own countries. Your contributions were very much appreciated by the children and staff.

Mrs Bushen, Mrs Collard Miss Cercil and Ms Ingersent