School Development Plan

The School Development Plan is the document that drives the strategic work to develop and improve the school.  The plan gives everyone in the school community a clear vision and sense of purpose for improving the school.  This paper summarises the plan to improve the school for the coming year.  

Our six key targets are:

  1.     Improve progress and attainment in writing and mathematics in Key Stage Two
  2.     Develop Key Aspects of Personal, Moral and Cultural Education
  3.     Science, ICT and Foundation Subjects
  4.     Improve outcomes for vulnerable/disadvantaged learners
  5.     Develop Key Aspects of Leadership and Management
  6.     Improve the School’s Outdoor Learning Environment

These “headline” targets are agreed by governors, along with success criteria and key actions for each target.  The key targets have been reached by gathering information from a variety of sources.  These include external evaluations of our work by OFSTED and the Local Authority, alongside our own extensive and detailed self-evaluation processes – our data analysis, staff appraisal processes, lesson observations, pupil progress meetings, surveys of children, parents and staff.  The targets also draw on discussions governors have had in our various Full Governing Body and Committee meetings.  

Below you can download a brief summary of some of the key actions and success criteria relating to our target areas.  This summary collates information from the action plans for specific target areas, curriculum areas and other areas of the work of the school. These detailed action plans outline the fine detail of how we will work to achieve our key targets.  There are also development plans for other areas of the school’s work with actions that do not feature in our “headline” targets presented here.  This is so that all of our leaders can plan their workload to fit into the school development cycle.

The targets and action plans give governors the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the work of the school and its impact to develop, improve and raise standards.  We build into the action plans monitoring and evaluation activities – these activities will include the work of Governors through committees and link governor visits