Meet the School Council


What does our School Council do?

Our School Council plays an important part in helping to run the school.  Each class elects a boy and a girl to represent them in the school council meetings.

Over the years the school council has played an important part in shaping our behaviour management policy and our anti-bullying policy, buying equipment for the playground, working out the timetable for the cage and many more.  Our school counsellors also act as Playgrouund Buddies.


Here are our current School Councillors:


Class   -  Class Rep

Maple  - Evie and Robert

Beech  - Henry and Millie

Elm  - Tosia and Eric

Pine  - Eddie and Nina

Ash  - Chloe and Hugo

Larch  - Josh and Izzy

Hawthorn  - Isla and Yu

Redwood  - Nel and Henry

Sycamore  - Xander and Lilian

Laurel  - Prajwal and Heba

Hazel  - Willow and Ryan

Silver Birch  - Maya and Alba

Poplar  - Bella and Joseph

Cedar  - Charlie and Nora

Rowan  - Alila and Riyadh

Juniper  - Kaylynn and Faris

Palm  - Steph and Will