School Aims

These are our school aims and values. They are important to us. These were developed by the children, parents, staff and governors through various meetings, lessons and school assemblies. They set out what we are trying to achieve together as a school community and how we want to achieve this.

Our Aims

At St Matthew’s we aim to…

  • …make our learning inspiring, challenging and fun

  • …achieve our best

  • …celebrate success

  • …treat ourselves and others with respect

  • …take responsibility for our learning, behavior and our school

This will make our school a happy and safe place to be.

Our Values

In St. Matthew’s…

  • …we value working hard and trying our best;

  • …we celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes;

  • …we value our diversity and individuality;

  • …we treasure our friendships and other relationships;

  • …we respect independence and team work;

  • …we encourage participation and everyone’s voice is listened to.

  • …we take pride in our work, our school and our community.