Telling School about a confirmed case out of school hours

It is important that we find out as soon as possible if a child who is attending school is confirmed to have covid 19, even if this this is in the evening, early morning, over the weekend or school holidays..  This is so we can trace contacts and let people know if they need to self-isolate, 

If your child is currently coming into school and becomes a confirmed case of covid 19 out of school hours please call the dedicated number to notify us - 07535255399. 

If we learn of a positive test result out of school hours, we will send a text message to the parents/carers of children who have been a contact for the positive case within the 48 hours before either the start of symptoms or the date of the test.  We will follow this up with email messages to parents and carers to advise them what needs to be done.  This would almost certainly be to inform you that your child would need to self-isolate for ten days. (In that instance the rest of the family would not need to self-isolate unless someone in the household developed symptoms).

You only need to telephone us if your child has tested positive.  If another member of your household or a close contact has tested positive, your child will need to self-isolate for ten days but you can let us know by emailing, or telephone the school office during school hours.

This number is for telling us about positive test results for children who are attending school only.  Please do not use it for other purposes. 

In all instances, parents to notify close family and friends and follow advice as per NHS Covid-19 guidelines