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Since 2010, schools have seen costs rise 8%, with no matching increase in funding.  These cuts are now biting hard.
For the 2019-2020 financial year, St Matthew's is looking at a cut to its government funding of £62,000.
This is in part due to fluctuations in pupil numbers (while the school is all but completely full, on the census day in October 2018 which decides the level of funding the school receives, pupil numbers were lower than usual.  Since then, the school is all but full - in the census in January 2019 there was only one place free in the school).
Another reason is that in Cambridgeshire, as in many other local authorities, the funding to support children with special educational needs across Cambridgeshire is just not keeping up with costs.  As a result, money has been transferred out of the block of money to fund schools into the "High Needs Block" which funds additional support for children with special educational needs.  This is a good example of "robbing Peter to pay Paul".  The real problem is that there is just not enough money being put into the whole education system for schools to deliver the  quality of education that children deserve.
Cambridgeshire schools, including St Matthew's, are supporting the WorthLess? campaign for proper school funding.  You can find information and latest letters from the WorthLess? campaign below, plus links to news stories about school funding.
You can also help by becoming a "St Matthew's Supporter".  Information will be following soon.
We will keep you up to date with how the campaign develops and let you know what response we get from the Treasury.  You can follow the Worth Less campaign on Twitter - @WorthLessFF.