Plans for March 2021

We are delighted to be opening school up to all children from Monday 8th March.
Below you can find the information you need for the return of all children to school.  Arrangements are basically as they were at the end of the autumn term before this last lockdown.  
You can also find our detailed risk assessment below.  The information you need is all in the letter, but you may find seeing the level of detailed planning that has taken place reassuring.
It is extremely important that we keep working hard to implement all of the procedures, in school and out of school, that are necessary to keep cases of covid 19 down.  Everyone in our school community, children, parents, carers and staff, have a vital role to play in this.  We have done so well so far - it is important we keep this up to try to reduce the risk of another lockdown or of class bubbles having to close.
Thank you as always for everyone's help and support.