General Advice

Should I send my child to school?
A quick guide for parents and carers about what to do if you suspect someone in your household has covid 19.
You can book a test to see if you have coronavirus by call 119 or by clicking on the link below.
Here is the latest advice on coronavirus from the NHS:
Government Advice re Social Distancing, Self-isolation, Financial Support, Information for businesses etc.
Here you can find the collection of government advice and guidance relating to coronavirus:

Cambridgeshire COVID-19 Coordination Hubs 

We have established a network of COVID-19 Coordination and Response Hubs, comprising a countywide hub and local hubs led by District/City Councils. The Hubs will make sure that vulnerable people are supported, and that the offers of help and support from residents, communities, businesses and other organisations are properly coordinated. The Hubs have access to a wide range of volunteers as well as council staff available for redeployment into critical front line roles, and other vital resources that a household might not be able to access right now. 

Access information about the hubs here: