In this section of our website we post some films that have been made either about or for St Matthew's. 
MUD: "The Place Where We Stand"

"The Place Where We Stand" was a multi-disciplinary project inspired by the Baptist burial site found on the site of the school during our building work in 2011.  The children have worked with artists, scientists, archaeologists and musicians in a series of workshops to explore themes of identity, belonging, history, memory and connection.  The school worked with multiple partners to deliver the project, including 30 Bird Productions, Access Archaeology, the English Pocket Opera Company, Oxford Archaeology East and Cambridgeshire Culture.

We held a celebration morning to present the work of the project for parents and carers.  Below is a film that captures some of the activity from that day.

Anti-bullying and Kindness Week 2016 
Below you can find an MP3 recording of the St Matthew's Gratitune, a song celebrating kindness from our Anti-bullying Week 2016.  The song was co-written by the children and "Steampunk Bob" from People United.  Steampunk Bob performs the song.
Kindness in St Matthew's
The film below showcases the work we did during Anti-bullying Week in 2015.  We worked with the organisation "Random Acts of Kindness" to highlight how kind behaviour prevents and resolves bullying.
The Factory
This film is about the creation of the Factory in our playground as part of the MUD project.  The film was made by Miss Fitzwilliam-Hall and the children of the school.  The MUD project brings together educators, artists and practitioners from other fields.  It is still ongoing as we try to raise funds for an ambitious programme to take place in the 2016 to 2017 academic year.