Contact Tracing Over Half Term

If a child in school becomes a confirmed case of coronavirus over the coming weekend (Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October), it is important that we know immediately so that we can contact parents and carers of other children within that bubble.  If this happens to your child on either Saturday or Sunday, please call the following mobile number - 07535255399.  We will then send a text message to those within the class bubble to alert them and send email messages to parents and carers to advise them what needs to be done.  This would almost certainly be to inform you that your child would need to self-isolate for fourteen days (in that instance the rest of the family would not need to self-isolate unless someone in the house developed symptoms).

From Monday 26th October onwards, any child developing symptoms and then testing positive will not be considered to have been infectious while they were at school.  This means that the other people in their bubble will not be a contact for the infectious person and we will therefore not need to notify them that they need to begin self-isolation.

Please be aware that the mobile number is for alerting the school about confirmed cases of coronavirus only.  Please do not use the number for any other purpose.

If you are just waiting for a test result over half term, just let the school office know by emailing in the usual way.  You only need to call the mobile in the event of a positive test result if symptoms have developed on Saturday or Sunday.