Campaign for Fair Funding

An Unfair Outcome for Cambridgeshire and St Matthew’s

The Government have been consulting on a new National Funding Formula for schools.  At the moment there is a huge difference in the amount of funding that schools in different parts of the country receive.  The government said that the new formula would make funding fairer.  Cambridgeshire has long been one of the worst funded education authorities in the country we have been campaigning for fairer funding for years.  We had expected to see a large increase in our funding.

However instead of making funding fairer, the current proposals mean our children will get much less money spent on their education than most other children in the country.

  •  St Matthew’s will see no increase in funding at all;
  •  Almost one third of primary schools in Cambridgeshire will actually see their funding fall;
  •  Small schools will be particularly badly hit;
  •  The average amount of funding per pupil in Cambridgeshire will be £340 less per pupil than the national average;
  •  That amounts to £10,200 less funding than the national average for every class of thirty children.  This is enough to pay for a teaching assistant to work in every class every morning and half of every afternoon;
  •  If St Matthew’s received funding to the national average, we would receive £214,200 more per year.  This would be enough to pay for six more teachers to work in the school;
  •  Cambridgeshire would receive £2451 less for every child than the highest funded local authority.

We believe that the Government has fundamentally failed to address this unfairness. 

Furthermore, Cambridgeshire’s funding would rise on average just 1.8% at a time when the Institute for Fiscal Studies are predicting that costs to schools will rise by 8% by 2020.  We believe this threatens the quality of education that our children will receive!

What Needs to Change

We are calling on the Government to review its funding formula so that all children have access to education that is properly and fairly funded.  We want the government to make these three changes:

  1.  Schools cannot function if funding does not cover their basic operating costs.  The formula needs to increase the basic amount of funding that every pupil in the country receives to cover these costs.
  2.  Protect small schools by having a bigger lump sum of funding for every school. Cambridgeshire used to give every school £150,000.  The proposed new formula gives just £110,000
  3.  Remaining funding can then be used to target issues such as poverty and deprivation.
What You Can Do to Help
Our local MPs are supporting our campaign.  You can help us by:
It is absolutely vital that the voice of Cambridgeshire is not lost when all local authorities in England are arguing for additional funding, including those in better funded areas. The questions in the consultation are quite technical.  You can view our response to the consultation on our "Support Our Campaign" page.  Our responses are suggestions for you to use if you wish.
In Cambridgeshire we have been working in very tight financial conditions than most other authorities for many years to provide a good quality of education.  We will of course continue to do so, but that does not mean the proposed system is fair and should not be changed.
Thank you for your support.